Saturday, May 31, 2008


"A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue,but the
parent of all other virtues" -ciero.
I liked this story about human nature and his life span.We
rarely like what we have,but appreciate those of others.It
seems not to be satisfied with what we have,is part of human
nature. When God started His creation,He was deciding the life
span of all living things.Man was sitting at the last as per
evolution,and by the time his turn came,only 25 years were
left.He was very unhappy and said that at that age the real
life starts.Then the ox sitting nearby was generous and gave
25years from its life span.God did not have any
objection.Still man was not happy and kept grumbling.This time
the dog gave 25years from its life span.Still man was not
happy.Next the owl gave25 years from its life span.So man got
an average life span of 100 years,but the original 25 years of
his age is the best period.After that between 25 and 50
years,he leads the life that of an ox struggling for the
family.The next 25 years from 50 -75 he leads the life like
that of a dog,watching the house after his retirement,and from
75-100 years he is like an owl sitting at one place and unable
to see and move properly. According to Indian philosophy, our life span is measured
not in minuites,days,months,and years but is fixed in the
total number of breathes .We breathe 21,600 times /day on
average and our life span is 120years.If we take fewer number
of breaths that will help us to increase our longevity.We can
achieve this by doing meditation &pranayamam.
From the Bible,we have found that men had lived upto 300
years and his life span is reduced to 150 years because of
cooked food,and further reduced because of water and air
pollution and further reduced by smoking and drinking habits. I wish you long,healthy and contented life!