Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To be healthy

If you want to be healthy,fit and energetic everyday,you must do excercise and eat right kind of food regularly. Detoxification is the first step to lead a healthy life.
Detox means removing the harmful substances(toxins) from our body that have accumulated over time thro' food,air and water.
We must detox atleast once in a month.
Who should detox?
Those who suffer from even one of the below can detox.
. Head ache/migraine
.Consistent over weight/obesity.
.Regularly feeling fatigued and tired.
.Frequent flu and cold.
.Constipation and bloatedness.
Methods to detox.
.Eating fresh fruits and vegetables cutting back the consumption of fat,caffeine and processed foods.
Fruits and vegetable juice diet.
Drinking Green tea and fenugreek tea will clean and detox our body.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Some health news.

.What has more antioxidant power ?
Dried figs and prunes have been shown to increase antioxidant capacity by 9%.That is more than double the increase seen in a cup of green tea.
.How important are whole grains in our diet?
A study showed that women who ate 11 or more servings of whole grains every week were about 1/3 less likely to affect from an inflammatory disease such as diabetes,asthma &heart disease.Oat meal,brown rice ,whole grain bread/cereal and pop corn are good choice.
.How to reduce hot flashes naturally?
Deep breathing not only cuts hot flashes,but also cures many disease.