Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vethathiri Maharishi calling all seekers...

Not many of the aspirants
have the spirit of inquiry:
"What are we searching for
and why this quest at all?
Whereto are we headed
and who could guide us in this?

The bulk of the seekers,alas.
are just running hither and thither
in emotioned excitement
spiralling into a maze.

Instead of subtling within
towards the in-dwelling Self,
their mind projects outward
experiencing pleasure and pain.
Quietitude you cannot get
in the thick of the market-place;
and the only path to the goal
is Meditation and Introspection....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


In ancient times, men married by thirty;
lasses went to their husbands when twenty;
today in these chaotic times
people marry even later;
marriage cannot come too early;
if children are born late in life,
their parents turn old and weak
before they are grown; one can do things
best in one’s prime; I would like to
thank my parents for their help, but
they passed away and my filial
heart cannot express itself; today
of those on the imperial payroll,
a few are able to help their parents, while
an official with a big income
spends it all on his wife and children;
how can we bring our customs back
to normal? I await your
coming to office to do this, so that
filial sons and daughters
can pay respect to their parents
before they are dead and gone.

At present what we see around us is reflected way back in 772 to 811.
This shows that throughout the world and at all times there is no change in human behaviour.

Monday, August 25, 2008


You should realise
the value of human birth;
You are not body alone
but in addition you are
mind, life and Truth
in conjoined functioning.
This knowledge will render
your talents to come to fruition
and equip you to erase
the imprints of adverse actions.
Purity of thought and deed
will raise you to the status
of the Supreme Being,
the in-dwelling Absolute.
This process of self-training
is "Mental Culture",friends,
and do all you can to spread
this philosophy in practice...

Returning Home at Night -An interesting poem.

Now I am half way to being
a hundred, but when will I
have some time for myself?
in the morning, I leave the house by candle light, returning
home when the evening drum sounds; not
that my wine jar is
empty, or that I have
no mountain view over my wall,
but just that I have no time
to enjoy these things ; day after day,
coming home so tired, I fall right into my bed;
will there ever be any happiness
I can call my own?

Though more than 1000 years passed since this creation, even today it holds good. Today’s Software people go early to workspot and come late in the evening. Most of them don’t see the sunrise as well as the sunset.
When will they have the time to enjoy rather relax?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Some health tips.

A Perfect salad:
A recent study revealed that those who ate a sliced Avacado(butter fruit) with their salad had five times more lutein and fifteen times more beta carotene than those who ate the salad without Avacado.It is because the nutrients in vegetables can be absorbed better when eaten wuth this healthy fats like Avacado.This fruit will also increase the good cholestrol.
Is Buttermilk better?
Buttermilk is one othe probiotic foods that promote healthy intestinal flora,along with yoghurt,kefir,cottage cheese.Buttermilk usually contains the bacteria Steptococcus Lacti.Buttermilk with a pinch of assafoetida is a good remedy for fullness of stomach,flattulance &indigestion.

The Plight of Women-Ever relevant poem!

Hair done up beautifully,
Eyebrows freshly penciled,
Yet how many time after making up my face
Have you, my husband, kept silent, uttering not
A single word of encouragement: one day I
Will be buried alongside you: it is to you I give all my love:
Yet you look lightly upon spending our remaining days together: for me
The bitterness began last year:
I knew well your meaning, yet I never spoke of it: today
I am determined to say very little, but what I say will have
Deep meaning: I choose a story of the past to tell you:
People may say of a couple that they are so close
That they become one body:
Yet when death separates them, will there be justice for the survivor?
When her husband dies, a woman lives quietly by herself, a bamboo
Cut down by the wind, never to grow again: though dry and dead,
It’s rings of growth are still visible: when a man loses his wife,
For the moment he is sad: but he is like a willow at the door,
Which sprouts forth new leaves each spring: the wind breaks off
one branch, yet another grows in it’s place: I speak to you
in jest, hoping you will listen: you should have something
of the plight of women, and from now on
cease to look down upon them.

NOTE: This poem is written by BAI JUYI a Chinese poet. Can you guess the period it is written? To our surprise, it is more than 1000 years. The poet belongs to Tang Dynasty(618-907). Even today his poems speak to us with relevance. Two hundred poems of his collections have been translated by Rewi Alley.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Women’s rights-By Annie Louisa Walker

I wish to quote a few beautiful lines of this poem.

“As humble plants by country hedgerows growing,
That treasure up the rain,
And yield in odours,ere the day’s declining,
The gift again:
So let us,unobtrusive and unnoticed,
But happy none the less,
Be privileged to fill the air around us
With happiness:

The Poet compares women to hedgerows growing along the roadsides that grow up by the rain. They don’t need anybody’s support to grow and yield odours.
Women are always unnoticed. They are not even recognized. Yet they do their duties and fill the surroundings with happiness.