Monday, June 24, 2013


You all say times are changed.
But we stand where we are.
We have education
Do we express what we feel?
We too enjoy moving around like the
Cow tied to a strong rod fixed firmly on the ground
We have permission to move around your vicinity
We have freedom to talk what you like
We have to enjoy what you like!
Who gave you the right to boss over us?


They say they have no time to stare
 Making me stare at them
 They always run saying no time to stand
  Making me stand where I am
  They always chase the money
  Which they don’t enjoy!
   They always run to loose the time
   Which never returns?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Spiritual truths

On entering the temple, people circle the shrine always in a clockwise direction to get the benefit of magnetising the body and pick up spiritual vibrations,similar to the way earth revolves to pick up magnetic polarization.

"Yoga is not exactly a religion,it is a way of life.Yoga follows the cosmic aspects of God,and you can follow any path to God that you wish.All religions lead to the same goal."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Did you know?

This is an interesting news about roses.Rose hips are very rich in vitamin C!Some roses like Rosa Rugosa contain 20 times as much vitamin C as citrus fruits.Rose hips are nothing bit the fruits which mature after the flower petals fall. You have to gather the hips when they are fully ripe.Let them not over ripen.Cook them immediately to get the maximum level of Vitamin C.In U.S and Europe people are making their own Vitamin C by collecting rose hips.They are using them in jam,soup,syrup and marmalade.You can use rose hips in tea!In India rose hips and rose petals are used in ayurveda &sidda preparations.Latest research reveals rose hips give good relief for osteo arthritis pain!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some interesting quotes

"January is named for the Roman God Janus.Janus was a temple god who could look forward and backward at the same time".
"Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water.Don't sit this one out.Do something".-Carl Sagan.
"The light which puts our eyes is darkness to us.Only that day dawns to which we are awake.There is more day to dawn.The sun is but a morning star".-Henry D thoreau.
"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot.others transform a yellow spot into the sun."-Pablo Picasso.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Best food for bones

Everybody knows that calcium in dairy foods can help strengthen our bones. Now, research from Tufts University reports that fruits and vegetables could be the newest osteo super foods. The multi-coloured munchies protect bone by blocking damaging byproducts of meat and grains that become harder for your body to dispose of as you age says the director of Tufts' Bone Metabolism Laboratory.
Nine servings of fruits/veggies per day is ideal for protecting bone, she says, but even 6 servings or fewer if you limit meat and grains- could make a difference.Let us start now!Better late than never!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Women and make-up

Ladies have been adorning themselves with make-up for centuries.Now new research has finally unravelled the reason women anticipate "a rush of optimism and anticipation." as they prepare to wear make-up.Researchers in Japan determined that there are distinct cognitive activities involved in a woman's perception of her face with and without make-up.
They came to the conclusion after monitoring the brain of a group of women using a brain scanner.The researchers found that when a woman sees her face without make-up, she anticipates how she'll eventually apper to others and a "reward system" is activated, releasing dopamine to give sensations of pleasure.Make-up contributes to building relationships with others and feelings of pleasure in women.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Scientists say that laughter can help you fight flab.Forget gym or dieting and tune into your favourite comedy shows to shed those extra kilos, researchers have suggested. They claimed that an hour laughter can burn upto 100-120 calories and boost the energy a person uses by upto 20%. That is the equivalent of vacuuming for 40 minuites, walking for 15-20 minuites or doing 18-27 minuites of weightlifting.
Laughter gets the heart beating faster and boosts blood flow.As we giggle and gasp for air, we breath in more fresh air.The chest rises and falls and abdominal muscles get a good work out.So laughter helps us to stay trim and healthy.